S.I.Z. - Robotized welding

SIZ di Zagni Remo

SIZ was founded in 2000 by Mr. Remo Zagni taking advantage of his twenty-year experience in the field of robotized welding and metal-working contract manufacturing.

The company is specialized in robotized and laser welding of components and small metallic carpentry, for medium-big series.

We conceive and produce cutting tools and welding masks with accessories on base of technical drawings from our customers.

We provide rough parts or take in charge all processings and finishings to obtain components and parts ready for assembling.

Points of strength

  • flexibility and experience:
  • our light structure allows us to provide customized service and solutions and reduce costs,

  • responsiveness and quality:
  • we work with robots to achieve maximum precision and reduce delivery times,

  • competitiveness and reliability:
  • we are used to meet the requirements of the most well-known brands our operators are highly-qualified and skilled.
S.I.Z. di Zagni Remo - Robotized welding and mechanical processings